Alright. So perhaps you’re sitting tight for your next group of Paint With Diamonds to show up. Or on the other hand maybe you’ve quite recently gone through the most recent 10 hours in a row penetrating and you’re fringe ridiculous.

In any case, what you have to do right currently is daydream and watch some mind blowing time-slip by film of other individuals doing the diligent work! Go full screen and daydream as you observe some really shocking pieces come to fruition!

All recordings included beneath were made by our talented video accomplice Julalak Chutisiriyanont. Snap here to buy in to her YouTube channel for increasingly mind blowing recordings like these!

Cosmic system Eyes – 40x50cm – 47 Colors – 38 Hours

This fantastic film of our Galaxy Eyes painting meeting up highlights a mind blowing exhibit of 47 hues gathering to shape a scrutinizing kitty. It took our capable crafter Julalak 38 hours to finish this 40x50cm pearl.

Perfect partners – 90x60cm – 48 Colors – 39 Hours

Perfect partners is without question one of our most mainstream canvases, and as it should be! It’s a flawlessly sentimental piece with such energetic complexity. We’ve seen such huge numbers of fantastic photographs from our devotees of this finished painting – presently watch as Julalak drills her way through a 90x60cm canvas more than 39 hours.

Rainbow Stroll – 50x40cm – 35 Colors – 30 Hours

Rainbow Stroll is one of the more prevalent pieces in our elite 2018 Leonid Afremov Collection. We value the wide assortment of lively shades and sentimental pith intrinsic in this structure. It took Julalak only 30 hours to complete this 50x40cm artful culmination. Would you be able to beat her time?

The Kiss – 40x56cm – 25 Colors – 32 Hours

This stunning Paint With Diamonds elucidation of Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” could have a place in an exhibition hall itself one day! Our Julalak went through 32 hours reproducing this shocker.

Peacock – 40x90cm – 36 Colors – 42 Hours

Did you realize that the peacock is an image of respectability and restoration? Revive your brain while you drill away on a Peacock jewel painting! It took our Julalak only 42 hours to finish this piece – to what extent will it take you?

Van Gogh’s Starry Night – 50x35cm – 28 Colors – 30 Hours

Do you realize what motivated Van Gogh to paint Starry Night? “Early today I saw the field from my window quite a while before dawn, with only the morning star, which looked extremely enormous.” Channel your internal Van Gogh with this fantastic precious stone painting – it’ll take you around 30 hours to wrap up!

Reward VIDEO: Paint With Diamonds Unboxing!

Experience the rush of opening a fresh out of the box new precious stone painting RIGHT NOW! … vicariously through this amazing Paint With Diamonds unpacking video ;).

Imagine this. You have countless gems all carefully spread out on the table, and you’re also arranged to begin your top tier pack.

There’s only a solitary issue: none of your holders have covers! Stun, your canine just jumped up onto your workstation, and now your gems are EVERYWHERE.

There’s gotta be a predominant way! We dug into sections from our Paint With Diamonds Facebook social order to find the most immaculately great DIY Diamond Painting¬†diamond painting store Storage hacks that will take your new obsession to the accompanying level!

1. Use A K-Cup Spinner To Hold Your Diamonds.

Coffee somebody who is dependent? By then you probably have one of these marvelous K-Cup Organizing spinners lying around! PWD fan Carrie Frazier made a gem holder out of a K-Cup holder! How innovative. Thankful for the tip Carrie!!!

In case you need to get one, Amazon has them for about $14.99.

a clock sits at the most elevated purpose of a wooden table