How to Manage a Project

Control & Reporting

Additional Materials

Project Reporting Templates

Below are links to templates which you can use to help you write your project plan or project brief. The templates will open into a new window and are "read-only". It is best to save the template to your own documents folder under your project name and then open it in WORD to complete it.

  1. Project Brief Template
    A Template for producing a Project Brief or Business Case for proposing a project.  In WORD .doc.
  2. Project Plan Template
    A template for producing a three or four page Project Plan.  In WORD .doc. The included time schedule template is based on creating a Gantt Chart with a WORD table. See item 4 for guidance on doing this.
  3. Example Project Plan
    An example of a completed Project Plan. In Adobe Acrobat .pdf
  4. Highlight Report Template
    A Template for producing a Highlight Report to report project progress.  In WORD .doc.
  5. Full Project Progress Report Template
    A Template for producing a Full Project Progress Report to report project progress. In WORD .doc.