How to Manage a Project

Carrying out a Project

Additional Materials

Stakeholder Communications Plan

1.    Summary

An overall summary covering the key stakeholders, the main communication issues of the project, the communication objectives including key messages, and the main communication approaches to be used.

2.    Communications Analysis

A listing of the key stakeholders, with a statement for each stakeholder covering:

1. their general view of the project

Including which aspects they are likely to support and which they are likely to feel uncomfortable about.
2. what will need to be communicated What information they are likely to need and what support the project manager may need from them,
3. when should it take place At which stages of the project do we need to communicate to them. What should be the goals - announcing, gaining interest, educating
4. how should we do that The best channel/media to use - e-mail, conferences, face-to-face, meetings, consultation.

 3.    A Communication Plan

Summarising from the above analysis, plotted against the Project Timeline Plan, an overall plan for what communications activities will be carried out, when, by whom, and what costs/resources will be involved.