How to Manage a Project

Making a Project Plan

Additional Materials

Drawing Project Plans - Hints & Tips

Often, the project activity plan is the key element of a Project Plan. By far the best way of presenting them is in the form of time charts. These notes are an introduction to creating such charts WORD or EXCEL.

The tools covered in this section are:

Note: If you are going to use WORD drawing tools, please first make sure that the Drawing toolbar is active by going to the View menu, putting the cursor over Toolbars and ensuring that there is a tick against Drawing.

If you are not familiar with the tools, we have included some detailed tips for Drawing Charts in Word at WORD Drawing Tools.

Three Templates are also included:

You can download these, copy and paste them into your own documents, and then create a time schedule. For those adept in the WORD drawing tools, these guidelines can lead to some quite impressive charts.

Finally, we have also included a very brief overview of Project Management software such as Microsoft Project at Microsoft Project