How to Manage a Project



These are a set of questions that people have asked, mainly about applying the project management approach to their normal work situation. We have tried to give what we feel are "best practice" answers but cannot pretend that the answers are definitive.

Have you any tips for a Project Sponsor?

First, the Project Manager.
Select the Project Manager carefully and then set up your relationship with them. Choose the project manager as the person who is most suited to carry out the project.

Second, the Project Brief.
Ensure that there is a good Project Brief. By good we means one that accurately reflects what you want the project manager to look into.

Third, Project Scoping.
Ask the project manager to do a project scoping study and report. Coach them on how to do it and on what you expect it to cover.

Fourth, Project Reporting.
When the project scoping report is produced, agree at that stage the project reporting that you expect from the project manager. To cover meetings and project reports if any are required.

Fifth, Support the Project Manager.
Set up your support with the project manager. When appropriate, ask them what support they need/expect from you. Check with them throughout the project to see if they need anything from you. Support them and their project when talking to your peers.