Improving Processes & Services
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This site is designed as a simple and easily accessible e-support toolkit for anyone involved in improvement  projects. It is designed to be located on an organisations' intranet as a support to improvement project teams, training workshops, and coaching.

Most people, at some time in their careers, are asked to join a project team set up to identify and introduce improvements in the way that the organisation operates - perhaps a particular process or service.

The need for such improvements may have come out of a customer survey, from an improvement plan (possibly generated by the EFQM Excellence Model or Balanced Scorecard), or simply because someone has identified that this it is something that needs to be done.

This site covers the overall approach for identifying and tackling such improvements, together with descriptions of the tools and techniques commonly used and is in five parts, each accessed by the links at the top of the page. They are:

  • Home - this introductory section introducing improvement and benchmarking.
  • Structured Problem Solving - covering the basic approaches behind improving processes and services and the way teams tackle them. It includes a case study to illustrate the approach and the main tools used.
  • Process Tools - one-page descriptions of the main tools and techniques used to identify, analyse and map problems and improvements together with the main data gathering and analysis tools.
  • Customer Service - the main approaches to analysing customer service using both internal views and customer feedback. It includes diagnostics typically used in such analyses.