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A Flow Chart is a pictorial representation showing all the steps of a process. They provide excellent documentation of a process and can be invaluable for examining how the various steps in a process are related to each other. By studying these charts you can often uncover loopholes which are potential sources of trouble.

They can be applied to anything, from the travels of an invoice or the flow of materials, to the steps in making a sale or servicing a product. Action Teams working in administrative operations will almost certainly find them invaluable.


Flowchart for Recruitment

recruitment flowchart

Process Mapping

Flow Charts can and often are compiled by individuals following the above procedure, but used by an Action Team (in the form of Process Mapping) they can become even more powerful.

People often know the steps and procedures for their own sections but not those of others. One approach we used was to bring a working team around a large wall or sheet of wallpaper, and get them to create a Process Map of the procedure and then analyse it, perhaps using it to brainstorm problems.

Simple Process Map

Document photocopying flowchart

Journey of the Customer

Most Flow Charts follow an internal process through the organisation. Another approach, illustrated in one of the examples, is to use it to map the “Journey of the Customer” through your organisation and map not just one process, but the multitude of processes that they go through.

Process Map - Journey of the Customer through a Hotel

hotel customer journey flowchart 

The general procedure for Flow Charting is:

Step 1 - Define the Process
Step 2 - Draw the Diagram
Step 3 - Check the Logic and Analyse the Flow Chart.

Look at the Flow Chart and ask:


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