Improving Processes & Services

Structured Problem Solving

About Action Teams

An Action Team is a group of typically 3 to 8 people, formed to work together tackling a problem or an improvement.

They go under various names:- Project Teams, Service Action Teams, Improvement Teams, Taskforces, Quality Circles - all operating along similar lines.  The two most common ones are outlined below.

Local Improvement Teams

Project Teams

  • Natural Work Groups tackling local issues and problems.
  • Four to Ten People
  • Volunteers
  • Select Issue themselves
  • Ownership rests with the Group
  • Meet weekly for about One Hour
  • Cross Functional tackling cross departmental problems and issues
  • Up to Ten People
  • Management Driven
  • Tackles a Specific Issue
  • Selected for Skills
  • Meet, solve issue, disband

The 3 Keys to successful Improvement Action Teams

Studies of such improvement project teams that were recognised as being highly successful identifies three key elements, summarised in the diagram below.

3 keys to successful improvement teams