Improving Processes & Services

Customer Service

Diagnosing Performance Factors

This diagnostic focuses on helping a team to analyse how good their service performance is against what the customers require.


The following analysis was carried out by an R&D unit within a government department. They first identified the key services they provided, then the performance factors the customer was interested in, and then worked through to create the matrix below. It highlighted the fact that although they performed to customer requirements on most, there were particular area where they were weak. They then set up teams to work on these areas.

Performance Factors Analysis Sheet for R&D unit

Step 1     Identify the main services that you provide.

The Research and Development unit below identified their main services as

Step 2     Identify the key performance factors for all the services - probably up to ten in total.

Some Typical Performance Factors are:

Step 3     Customer Requirements

For each of your main services, under "Customer Requirements" estimate the level of performance that you believe the customer requires against performance factor.

Step 4     Your Performance

Now, go through the chart again. For each of your main services, rate your own performance for each of the performance factors.

Step 5     The "Hot-Spots"

Now identify the "hot-Spots", those areas where the customer requirement is high, and your performance is low. These are your priority areas for improvement.

Further Examples


The following table shows another performance analysis carried out at a Netherlands transformer factory.

Performance factors analysis for factory

An alternative approach and more visual approach is to use a mapping technique as shown below. The priority areas are those which are important to the customers where our performance is low - those in the top left quadrant.

mapping the service elements