Improving Processes & Services

Customer Service

Customer Service Health-Check

Often, one of the first step in improving customer service is to get the team to start to discuss their customer service performance and suggest improvements. The following health-check has been used with in team meetings to help the team to do this.

This "Health Check" will lead you through the key aspects of the "Journey of your Customer". Please go through the questions and answer them honestly. Then go through the results with the rest of your group.

Ratings: A = Always; S = Sometimes, R = Rarely,
* = needs attention

A S R *
1. The Customer gets in contact:-
    by phone, letter, email, or in person.
When they do that:-        

Are they about clear your service - about what you can do for them?

Are they clear as to what they should do; how they should proceed?        
Do you and your colleagues appear welcoming and professional to them?        
2. You establish what the Customer Requires?
When establishing what they require and whether you can do that:-        
Are you and your colleagues effective and professional at doing this?        
Do things sometimes go wrong?        
3. The Service is provided?
Can you usually provide:-        
What the customers require - perhaps adjusting your service to their needs        
When they require it, without them having to wait.        
Provide it reliably & consistently        
In a professional manner        
4. Handling Exceptions
When things donít go smoothly:-        
Do you and your colleagues have the authority to try to help customers        
Do the systems & policies enable you to adapt and react to customer requests        
Are managers or others available to help        
5. Handling Complaints
Do you and your colleagues have training & skills in handling complaints        
Does your area have an understood procedure for handling a complaint        
Is there a system for acknowledging, recording, and following-up complaints        
6. What do you see overall as our weak spots?
    What can be done about them?
7. What should we do next?

Using the following headings, what should we do to improve our capability?

  • Staff Training
  • Procedures & Working Practices
  • Handling Exceptions & Complaints
  • Communications with Customers
  • Customer Service Improvement Teams
  • Collect more information from our customers on our performance.