Improving Processes & Services

Customer Service

Analysing the Elements of Your Service

This diagnostic is designed to help a group to map out how they see the service package that they provide, then to map out what they think the customer sees as the service package, and finally focus on the gap between the two.


A management college, an improvement group used this approach to look at their service package, resulting in the diagram below.

There was a little difference between the them and the customers over the core service - the customer just generally wanted training and skills, the college staff saw themselves as just providing management skills.  The key difference were in the peripheral elements - college staff had not included Meet other Civil Service Managers and Career Track Record at all whereas the customers saw those as major elements.

Having done this as an internal appraisal with just college staff, the team moved on to use this information to design an external appraisal in terms of focus groups and  a survey how their customers really saw the service.

service customer view versus staff view

Step 1     Your Service as You see it.

As a group, discuss your service as you see it and on a sheet of flip chart paper draw your view of the Core & Peripheral elements of your service. Make the size of the circles represent what you think are the relative importance of elements.

Step 2     Your Service as Your Customers see it.

Now put yourself in the customers shoes and on a second sheet of flip chart paper draw what you think will be the customers view of the Core & Peripheral elements of your service.

Step 3     Action needed.

Consider what you would have to change and do in order that both you and the customers have a common or similar view of the service provided. List what you see as the main points.

Typically you can either