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Team Development

Team Development

Whilst some teams are very capable and effective, others are chaotic and ineffective. Why is that?

The difference tends to lie in a combination of the internal team climate and atmosphere and the effectiveness of the team leader. If the team leader can develop the team so that individuals work together better and support each other, then the team can become much more capable, effective and efficient. The team is not only a more pleasant place for people to work but also becomes more productive.

This section is about how team develop and some of the models and research findings that leaders can make use of to develop and improve their teams capabilities and performance.

The first four links cover some key ideas that provide the basis for any team development initiative:

  1. Success and Team Climate
    Team development works! Teams with a more constructive climate and atmosphere perform more effectively and productively.
  2. How Teams Develop
    Teams develop over time and do so by passing through four stages of development.
  3. Team Roles
    Each person in a team has a natural preference for certain roles. The most effective teams are include people who naturally fulfil different roles.
  4. Group Think
    There are dangers to teams becoming too close and supportive. Members can lose the ability to question and challenge the ideas of other members.