Team Leadership Toolkit

Leadership Styles

Team Leader Effectiveness Checklist


Think over the last 6 months and indicate by ticking the appropriate column how frequently you demonstrated the behaviours described for each statement.

Team Leader Behaviours



Some times



Provide a personal example of the way people should act in the team          
Manage by principles and information not by asking people to conform to unnecessary rules and regulations          
Clearly state the limits within which the team can make decisions          
Make sure the team has the training needed to work effectively5          
Deal with poor performance appropriately          
Develop the team so they can manage the day-to-day operations without you          
Discuss specific data about performance with the team on a daily basis          
Help the team decide how to be responsive to customer information          
Act as a resource to the team to help them redesign the workplace to make it more cost-effective          
Work actively to remove unnecessary policies, procedures, or work practices that hinder team performance          
Help the team understand the difference between real and perceived barriers          
Recognise when you are a barrier, or unnecessary pressure, to the team and make necessary improvements          
Make people feel empowered          
Work to procure necessary tools and equipment for the team15          
Help the team solve problems          
Initiate face-to-face meetings between the team and customers          
Provide a clear future vision for the team          
Create commitment and energy in the Team          
Help people to do things that seemed impossible          
Use counselling skills when team members are experiencing problems