Managing Change Toolkit



All organisations are having to change and adapt to cope with new circumstances and competitive pressures, but this is rarely easy. In particular, it is often difficult to introduce such changes without major disruption to staff, customers, and operations.

This toolkit covers a simple overall framework for managing such changes through three stages as depicted in the following diagram:

three stages of change management


The toolkit is organised into four sections, each accessed by the links at the top of the page, with each section containing "best practice" approaches and techniques. The sections are:

  • Home - an introductory section covering the overall framework and the basics of managing change
  • Developing a Change Strategy - models and analyses used to establish the key change issues and develop a change strategy.
  • Implementing Change - issues and approaches for implementing change effectively.
  • Managing People in Change - peoples reactions to change and how to handle them. In particular resistance, communications and commitment.