Consultancy Skills Toolkit



More people than ever are finding that they need consultancy skills to carry out their enhanced roles, in particular people such as HR staff change agents, internal auditors, internal consultants, IT consultants and facilitators. But what is it to be a successful consultant? Is it simply being expert in a particular field such as IT or HR, or is it more?

In practice, as well as their particular specialist skills, really successful consultants also possess considerable management and interpersonal skills, particularly in the three areas of:

Consulting Triangle

We have taken that framework as the structure of this Consultancy Skills toolkit. The toolkit is in four parts, each accessed by the buttons at the top of the page or by the links below.

  • Home - introduction to the main features of the consultancy role and approach.
  • Working with Clients - the skills to work with and manage clients and their expectations.
  • Delivering Projects - the skills to manage consultancy projects to the clients requirements.
  • Dealing with People - the interpersonal skills to work with and deal with people.