Consultancy Skills Toolkit

Working with Clients

Professional V Mass Services

Clearly good customer service is vital in any consultancy assignment. However, when thinking about customer service in consultancy, it is vital to distinguish between

Most customer service ideas are based on providing a mass service. Although there are elements in common, there are also significant differences, summarised in the table below.

Mass Services

Professional Services

  1. Has Customers
  2. Usually a one-off contact
  3. Brief contact - a transaction
  4. Customers with similar needs
  5. Pre-prepared service
  6. Customer often knows exactly what they want
  1. Has Clients
  2. Regular or Repeating contact
  3. Extended Client contact - a project
  4. Clients with varying needs
  5. Service created/customised for particular client.
  6. Clients often does not have the technical expertise to know what they want - they just want a solution to their problem

Key Conclusion

Serving clients is different to serving customers.

Each client is unique with particular needs and all consultants need to invest time and effort in building and maintaining the relationship. In particular: