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Lindsay Sherwin was a training consultancy practice, based in Oxfordshire, specialising in consultancy and training in project management and managing change. We have now retired and ceased trading.

Our web-based learning guides and toolkits.

During our work, we developed a variety of web-based learning and support materials. We have decided to leave these on this website and make them available to any who wish to make use of them. They are:  

How to Manage a Project How to set-up, structure, plan, and organise projects.
Covers: getting started, making a project plan, carrying out a project, and project control and reporting.
Managing Change Toolkit Practical approaches and tools that help in managing change. Covers: developing a change strategy, implementing change, and managing people in change.
Improving Processes and Services A simple and easily accessible e-support toolkit for anyone involved in process or service improvement  projects.
Covers: structured problem solving, process improvement, and customer service.
Consultancy Skills Toolkit Covers the three key areas of consultancy skills: working with clients, delivering projects, and working with people.
Team Leadership Toolkit Covers team development, styles of leadership, and key leadership skills.

We think that you will find them quite substantial, comprehensive and useful. Please feel free to use them in any way that you think fit. For anyone who wishes to reference them, the publication date was November 2009 and the author is Lindsay Sherwin

Lindsay Sherwin


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Black-footed ferret
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